Epoxy Mold No Seal Thermoformed HDPE
Epoxy Mold No Seal Thermoformed HDPE
Epoxy Mold No Seal Thermoformed HDPE
Epoxy Mold No Seal Thermoformed HDPE
Epoxy Mold No Seal Thermoformed HDPE
Epoxy Mold No Seal Thermoformed HDPE
Epoxy Mold No Seal Thermoformed HDPE

Epoxy Mold No Seal Thermoformed HDPE

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3" Tall Solid HDPE 3/8" Thick
3-degree angle inclination for easy de-mold
No mold release needed
No seal needed
Reusable strong HDPE built


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Made In USA

All New, Redesigned Epoxy Mold

Our new thermoforming technology is bringing a leakproof epoxy mold to your homes. Epoxy resin has never been so easy. You can now pour your epoxy resin without worrying about leaks. Also, we've added key attributes to ensure an easy demolding. As demonstrated below with our easy steps, you can now create wonders effortlessly.

Signature Features

Extended Border Lip

All of our reusable molds feature an extended lip of at least 1 inch, enabling the proper fastening of transversal support for the wood slab.

Precise Interval Lines

Our engineer added precise interval lines enabling guides for adequately securing the wood slab in the reusable mold. Also, this allows accurate color dispersion when doing a multi-colored project.

Heavy Duty HDPE Mold

Made from thick high-density polyethylene with just the right thickness to enable its malleable attribute for easy demolding.

Seamless Joints

Our epoxy molds are made by heating and pressing our material into the perfect form. This eliminated any possibility of leaks with its seamless joints, making them the best mold for epoxy resin.

Smooth & Malleable Bottom

To ensure an effortless demolding process, we've engineered our epoxy mold to have a smooth surface preventing the epoxy from adhering completely to our decay. Also, with a malleable bottom, you only need to apply proper pressure for the epoxy to detach and fall from the mold.



Glossy, hard, durable

I use it over deep casting River tables and painted rock castings. It is more clear than art resin, which seemed to have a yellow varnish type tint to it. Ended up doing two flood coats over river table for added depth. Translated, that means it has some flaws in it. Re-sanded with 220 grit, reflooded, I’m happy with. I used *** EPOXY before this as well, And it seemed thicker to me, and was harder to get bubbles out of. Well pleased with this brand! 

Don Holmes

Good product

I am using it for the first time. Seem good so far. When I order it I thought, the delivery will be delayed and I try to cancel it. But that didn't go through and it was delivered on time. I am happy with it.


Crystal clear. Dry's hard

Amazing product, I want to buy more but it is unavailable. Please bring it back.


Great price, quick shipping

The product was shipped quickly and arrived on time. The price is amazing, and the product is legit!

Author's name
Los Angeles, CA

I will reorder product

DIY was easy to mix, had little odor. Very thin resin which is great for jewelry but found that it took 24 hrs to set and was still flexible. Good value, clear, about 30 to 45 minute working time.

Lee Ann Haas

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