Luxurious epoxy river dinning table

Clear Coating

Tabletop, Bartop & Countertop

Most professionals will charge hefty prices to transform your countertop or bar top surfaces. With DIY Epoxy countertops, you can skip this step and perform a DIY transformation with your original creativity. It will not only give you something of your own but will save you a lot of money.

Accessories Required:

  • Countertop Epoxy Kit
  • Personal safety gear
  • Brushes
  • Leveler
  • 80-220 grit sand paper sponge
  • Isopropyl alcohol
Level & Prep Your Surface

Scuff-sanding your working surface with 80-200 grit sandpaper will ensure the epoxy resin clear coat proper adhesion. Ensuring your working surface is at level is crucial for this project. With the isopropyl alcohol, clean the surface after the sanding process.

Measure, Mix & Seal

With the measurement of your working surface, you can use our epoxy resin calculator to ensure you have enough for a 1/16" seal coat. In a round container, combine the resin and the hardener, ensure the container size is twice the volume of the epoxy resin needed and mix thoroughly for 4 minutes. Then apply the seal coat evenly on the working surface, ensuring all surfaces are sealed with the epoxy resin. Ensure that the room temperature is 24 C°/ 76 °F.

Sand & Prepare

After 24 hours of curing, softly sand the seal coat to ensure the flood coat's proper adhesion. Clean thoroughly with isopropyl alcohol and wait for it to dry. Calculate the epoxy resin needed for a 1/8" flood coat and mix thoroughly in a round container for 4 minutes.

Flood Coat

You can now pour your flood coat evenly. Ensuring a slow and constant pour will minimize the bubbles forming process. You can use a small torch or a heat gun to remove the bubbles at the end of the flood coat. Do not hover for more than one second on the same spot.

Cure & Clean

You can add as many flood coats as you want. Wait one hour between the coats; the epoxy resin should still be tacky; this will ensure proper adhesion between the coats. After you are satisfied with the epoxy resin coatings. You can sand the drips that formed on the edges to finalize your project!

Clear coat your countertop now!