Art Resin & Hardener Kit 1:1 Ratio
Art Resin & Hardener Kit 1:1 Ratio

Art Resin & Hardener Kit 1:1 Ratio

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  • Perfect for all art projects
  • Can clear coat any surfaces
  • Easy to use self-leveling & degassing
  • Scratch & impact resistant
  • 20 minutes working time - 24 hours cure time
  • Optimal working temperature: 24°C - 73°F
  • Self-levels at 1/8 inch

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Quality Garanteed

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Made In USA

#1 Art Epoxy Resin on the Market

Self Degassing

With our new art epoxy resin formula, you will find a bubbleless epoxy pour for all of your projects.

Scratch & Impact Resistant

Our new formula is not only easy to use, but it is built tough at a molecular level. Strong bonds in the curing process will ensure its toughness against impact & scratch while keeping a crystal clear finish.

Self Leveling

One of the essential features of any art epoxy resin is its self-leveling capacity. For a perfect clear coat, its viscosity needs to be at the ideal ratio for enabling its self-leveling capability at the perfect thickness.

Crystal Clear

Our art epoxy resin has a visible light transmittance at the highest level. It will give a glistering shine as if you would have melted a layer of crystal.


Our formula is food safe and has no VOCS, rendering it safe for your home and all of your epoxy projects.

art epoxy resin no vocs formula

Art Epoxy Specs

  • Working Time
    20 Min

  • Curing Temperature
    24°C / 75.2°F

  • Mixed Viscosity Cp

  • Pour Depth
    1/8 inches

  • Hardness Shore D

  • Curing Time
    24 Hours

  • Storage Temperature
    15-25°C (59-77°F)

  • Hardness Shore D

  • Self Level Depth
    1/8 inches

  • Color
    Crystal Clear

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Very happy with the product.The price is great for the size & the delivery was FAST. Over all very please!!

Sherry Briggs

Love it!

Marie-Eve Nadeau 

I am stoked I finally found this resin again. it literally has 0 bubbles in it. it does take a little longer to cure completely, but its well worth it!! definitely a must have, in my books. shipping was extremely quick also.

Katie Carter

quick delivery and happy with the product. Zero bubbles, great outcome!


I received the product quickly and it's great. Excellent customer support! Had a question, they answered so quick!


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Art Epoxy Ideas

Epoxy Earrings

Epoxy Necklace

Epoxy Book Cover

Epoxy Paintings


Ensuring that your work environment is clean, well ventilated, low humidity, and at the right temperature are vital elements to ensure the success of your project. Not only does the working temperature needs to be at 24°c/73°c, but the epoxy resin inside the bottles needs to be at a similar temperature before the pour. If stored in a cold climate, please ensure they are warmed up to the required temperature to avoid a cloudy mix.

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Art epoxy resin can be used for many projects, projects like: Jewelry making, coasters, ashtrays, decorative accents, epoxy paintings, geodes, jewelry, pendants and many more projects!

At 22°C room temperature, after approx 8 hours, the epoxy resin will become tacky. It will take 24 hours to hard cure and 72 hours to cure fully. Remember that cure time or dry time independent of the room temperature. It is very crucial to keep the temperature constant for at least 24 hours. Otherwise, epoxy will not cure entirely, and your final coat will realize cracks and imperfections.

The curing or dry time of Epoxy is directly proportional to temperature. In low temperatures, the curing is slow, while the dry time is faster during high temperatures. External heat can influence the curing process. The art epoxide will dry quickly if more heat is applied to it. For this purpose, either increase the room temperature to 22-30ºC / 72-85ºF or use heat lamps. Keep in mind that you can encourage a quicker cure, but you have to keep the temperature stable at least for a day.

Our epoxy resin for art is one of the easiest to use on the market! Mix & pour to create a multitude of wonders! You can check out our tutorials or contact us if you have any questions!

Use a paper towel to wipe the art epoxy resin off the containers & tools then you can wash with hot soapy water. Or you can let the remaining residue on plastic tools dry overnight and peel it off the following day.

You can use Resin Tint pigment or acrylic paint, or ink to tint Art Epoxy. To get a uniformly saturated color, you drop color in the mixture while stirring. All colorants are compatible with the resin and do not cause flammability during torching. An important point to note is that acrylic paint is more efficient as it reduces the working time and produces a more opaque look. Inks like alcohol ink can increase the risk of flammability when torched. After choosing your colorant, ensure it is not more than 6% of the resin and hardener's total volume. If it gets to more than 6%, it may interfere with the delicate balance required for the epoxy resin's chemical reaction to occur, and the epoxy resin may not cure properly.

Except for materials that repel water, art epoxy bonds well to every surface. Water-repellant materials include wax paper and plastics (including silicone). Some of the surfaces that the resin works well on include wood, photographs, inkjet prints, acrylic, oil paint that has completely dried, watercolor, spray paint, encaustic, ink, paper collage, oil pastel, sculpture, flowers, and rocks.

When pouring the resin, avoid applying it on loose surfaces. Substances like chalk pastels may mix into the resin after you pour it. You may need to use a sealant over some surfaces since surfaces like paper may absorb the resin instead of allowing it to settle on top. Experimentation on a small scale before the actual pouring is the best thing to do.

Yes. You only need to wait for the paint to dry thoroughly.