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1 product

No more mess!

Having a well-leveled working surface is crucial for the success of any art project!

The perfect working surface.

Level your board

Prepare your colors

Work your magic

Cure & enjoy

Another proven product!


Super happy with how quickly the item arrived and with free shipping, I am sure I will be a repeat customer.

Laurie Brennan

this came so quick and so far loving the product too. and all the stuff that comes with it is great stuff very happy.


Fast shipping great product, will reorder!

Erin Shaw

fast delivery! Thank you, will be ordering again!

Beverly Challis

I received the product quickly and it's great.


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Epoxy Leveling Board

The perfect working surface for all of your projects!


Having a clean well leveled working surface should be your number one priority for any epoxy resin project. With our epoxy leveling board, you can now start your project on the right foot!

Can you drink water upside down? You can, but we do not recommend it unless you wish to waste fluid and have a mediocre outcome. Epoxy resin is self-leveling, is left to cure on an uneven working surface; its end project will be uneven. With our epoxy leveling table, you now have the perfect working surface for any epoxy project.

You no longer have to cut wood, shim your table or tirelessly adjust your working surface to ensure a well-leveled working platform. All you need to do is adjust the feet of our epoxy leveling board until the bubble is at the center of the spirit level vial. You now have the perfect epoxy project working surface!

The best way to buy your epoxy leveling board is online in our store. Some people call it an epoxy leveling table; it is the same, just different terminology.

It is not only for epoxy projects. It is perfect for any project that requires a leveled working surface, art projects, jewelry making, or even electronic repair; no matter the project type, if you need a leveled working surface, you need our leveling board.