Create your own!

From charcuterie board to river table, our mold will facilitate all of your deep pour endeavors.

Accessories Required:

  • Epoxy resin for river table.
  • Protective equipment for your safety, gloves, protective eye gear, and an apron to protect your clothing.
  • The wood slab used for river table and any other items you wish to encapsulate in the epoxy river table.
  • A solvent such as denatured alcohol with a cleaning cloth to clean your wood slab and any items that will be in the epoxy river table.
  • Mixing container enough to contain twice the amount of your pour and mixing tools.
  • Epoxy resin reusable mold.


Ensure your wood slab has now loose bark or piece, and clean your mold to ensure it is free from contaminants. We use denatured alcohol due to its quick evaporation characteristic.

Hand wiping down with a blue cloth the epoxy mold before usage.
Step 2

To ensure your wood slab does not float on top of the epoxy resin, secure your wood slab with weights or a transversal piece clipped down to the lip with clamps or clips.

Step 3
Mix & Pour

Ensuring the room temperature is at the required 77°F/25°C, mix your resin with the hardener for at least 4 minutes until you've obtained a homogeneous mixture. While keeping the room temperature at the required temperature wait 72 hours for the epoxy to cure.

Pouring blue river table epoxy resin tinted with blue mica powder in reusable epoxy resin mold.
Step 4
Demold the sides

While grabbing the sides firmly, apply external pressure to detach the epoxy resin from the walls; repeat this step for the opposite sides.

Demold the bottom

Flip the mold over upside down, and with your two hands in the middle of the mold, apply a downward force to de-mold the bottom of the epoxy resin from the mold.

Step 5
Lift the mold

When applying pressure on the bottom, you will hear your project detach from the epoxy mold. You can then lift it to inspect your creation!

Final Step
Enjoy your work!

Finish your product the way you like it! You can start over again using our reusable epoxy mold.

Epoxy Reusable Mold

The epoxy mold that will last you for years to come!

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