Cleat Coating Paintings

Coating your Favorite Painting

Clear coating your favorite paintings not only enhances the colors and gives a crystal clear glossy finish but protects your painting from water and other household hazards.

Accessories Required:

  • Painting to be clear coated
  • DIY Art Epoxy Kit
  • Personal safety gear
  • Leveler
  • Small brush & spreader
  • Stirring utensils
  • Disposable cups for mixing
  • Protective cover (box or plastic sheets) for your artwork as it cures
Step 1
Prep & Level Your Working Surface

Ensure that your working area is well ventilated and the room temperature is between 22-25 C° (72-77 °F) to ensure your art epoxy resin painting clear coating project's success. Establish a clean and level working area. A leveled working surface will ensure that your epoxy resin stays on your painting.

Leveling surface before starting an art epoxy resin project is essential to the success of any epoxy resin project.
Establishing a proper working surface is an important step to any art epoxy resin project.
Prepare Your Working Surface

Ensure your painting or project is free from hair, dust, or any contaminants before beginning. Depending on your painting's surface, a seal coat is recommended before applying the flood coat. If your surface is highly absorbent or porous, it will require a seal coat for your art epoxy painting coat. With our epoxy resin calculator, you can measure the epoxy needed for sealing your painting, mix the resin with the hardener for 4 minutes, and apply the epoxy resin to the painting with a small brush. Wait 3-4 hours while ensuring your project is covered, then proceed to the flood coat.

Flood Coat

If you applied a seal coat, do not wait more than a few hours for the flood coat for proper adhesion. Measure the amount of epoxy needed for your flood coat, mix thoroughly for 4 minutes and proceed to pour. Ensure to pour slowly to prevent too many bubbles; spread the resin evenly. You can use a plastic spreader or a wooden stick, but the gravity should do the trick with our self-leveling art epoxy resin!

Tiny bubbles in your epoxy resin mix might occur if you've mixed and stirred the product fast or with a quick stroke. A butane torch quickly over the poured epoxy resin will help for the resin to degas.

Art epoxy resin is a self degassing formula; however, there are many factors such as storage temperature, the painting's temperatures, and other intricacies that can slow down the degassing process. To ensure your art epoxy project's success, you can use a small butane torch or a small heat gun to accelerate the degassing process. Do not hover more than one second over the project, ensuring you are approximately 8 inches away from your project.

Protect & Cure

Cover with a plastic film or anything large enough to cover your entire project to ensure no dust or contaminant will cure on your art epoxy project. Let it cure for 24 hours in a room with the temperature set between 22-25 C° (72-77 °F).

Clear coat your painting now!